In manufacturing

Our trucks and solutions are used in virtually every sector & environment. One key area where we can help you is manufacturing. In fact, the roots of our parent company Toyota Industries Corporation are in production. And we pride ourselves for always delivering the best solutions for helping you implement a lean production flow.

Solutions available

Tow train transporting parts in car factory

Tow tractors to transport individual items, just in time

  • Pedestrian, rider or stand-on tow tractors
  • Capacity up to 49t
  • Load carrier exactly fitting your load

T-motion is Toyota's approach to towing. With our T-motion range of Tracto trucks and a large selection of roll cages, you will be able to transport your individual parts to feed your line, just in time.

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Autopilot TAE050 moving along the floor

Simple Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) for efficient A to B transportation

  • Simple & cost-effective Autopilot
  • Transport loads up to 500kg
  • Fully flexible to fit your workflows

The Autopilot TAE050 is a very flexible and easy-to-install automated guided vehicle (AGV), which you can set up very quickly to improve your transportation flows. Other Autopilot trucks are also available.

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Special solutions truck in warehouse

Special solutions to fit your individual needs

  • Adaptations from all truck models
  • Individual requirements
  • Produced according to TPS principles

Your challenges are unique and may therefore require a unique solution to gain maximum efficiency. Every day a dedicated team of skilled engineers is working to offer you the exact solution to fit your individual situation.

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Woman sitting at desk with laptop

Финансирайте Вашата машина

Нашата цялостна гама от финансови решения Ви предлага спокойствие, така че да можете да се съсредоточите върху основната си дейност.

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Driver using BT Optio for order picking

Нашата продуктова гама

Разгледайте пълната ни гама мотокари, включително товарни колички, палетни колички и ордър пикър - комисионери.

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Service technician servicing a Toyota truck

Обслужване на Toyota

С нашите пакети можете да приспособите обслужването си към Вашия бизнес, независимо от размера.

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Производствена система на Toyota

Ние прилагаме икономично производство към нашата продукция и работим по система за изтегляне, което означава, че произвеждаме само това, което поръчате.

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